Credit cards without paycheck



Since I cannot know what type of use you intend to make of the card, I will deal with the topic seen from two angles: the first foresees that you want the credit card to use the “full refund” option, the second is that you simply want a credit card to shop online, or more generally, to shop and pay with electronic money so you don’t have to carry too many contacts with you when you leave home. Ok, let’s start…

Credit card features

Credit card features

As you know, the main feature that distinguishes the credit card from other types of payment cards, is that of being connected to a current account and offering its owner the possibility to spend – within certain limits (credit line) – a sum of money on credit.

The money thus spent is in all respects a small loan, on which interest rates are not applied but which within a short time – generally 30 days – must be repaid. All this is possible because the card has the ” option with full refund ” function activated.

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I guess at this point, telling you that it is a small loan, a light bulb went on. When it comes to loans, even if they are small, the bank or the financial institution is always asking for one or more guarantees – be careful, I said guarantees – so if you don’t have a paycheck, you don’t necessarily have the possibility of having a credit card or even a revolving card which, in all respects, is a real personal loan repayable in installments.

How to have a credit card even without a paycheck

How to have a credit card even without a paycheck

If this is your case, I immediately go to the point by telling you that: you can have your credit card without a paycheck as long as you prove to the bank that you have a demonstrable income. I’ll give you some examples…

Credit card without demonstrable income but with rental income

1st example of demonstrable income: you have an apartment rented then you receive a rental income that you have included in part B of model 730, here, this is a demonstrable income. Better still if the rent is paid to you not in cash but with bank payments or bank transfers, this is certainly a guarantee that the bank considers valid to give you a credit card even without a paycheck.

Demonstrable income with freelance work

2nd example of demonstrable income: from the repetitions of English and release regular receipt for the payments you receive, even if you do not have bank payments from these customers, you can show the receipts and then demonstrate that you have an income. Of course, if they are $ 100 per month, it won’t help you, but starting from $ 500, you can definitely show them to the bank so that they know about it. Again if you have the 730 model where you declared these entries, it will surely be very welcome.

In short, any demonstrable income can be guaranteed so do not worry, try, if it is not the first not the second you will see that a bank will believe in you and after a few months that you have opened the account, if everything you have declared corresponds to reality (you will have to pay as much money as possible to the account more or less regularly), surely the bank will give you the much sought-after credit card with a small overdraft limit on the account even without a paycheck.

Demonstrable income with maintenance payments

Sure! Maintenance allowances, disability pensions, etc. etc. Anything you can prove to be more or less regular revenue has value to get your credit card.

Last but not least… in no case must you be reported as a bad payer or be written in the CRIF database or be protested. If any of these situations exist, the first thing to do is to arrange the past so that you can clean up your credit reputation.

Co-registered current account

3rd example of demonstrable income: another solution could be to open a current account jointly with someone who trusts you and has a demonstrable income, in which case there are no reasons why the request will not go through.

In all cases, it is understood that if the bank does not have a history to rely on to make a decision – pro credit card -, first it will tell you to open a bank account, make the various payments and movements and then after a few months, when there is enough data, it will decide whether to give you the much sought-after payment card.

Credit cards without paycheck: possible alternatives

Credit cards without paycheck: possible alternatives

Well, if you are reading this second part then it means that the road is all downhill. In this case what you need is simply a refillable or disposable prepaid card with or without IBAN.

What is a prepaid card ? A prepaid card is nothing more than a payment card with which – after having loaded it – it is possible to make online purchases and purchases from merchants – now legally obliged to accept electronic payments.

Why is the prepaid card the best alternative to credit cards without a paycheck?

Advantage: prepaid cards are the best alternative if you are without a paycheck as they can be requested by everyone ! Housewives, unemployed, bad payers, protests or more simply anyone who wants to have a payment card without necessarily possessing a bank account with a lot of fixed costs attached.

Advantage: prepaid cards are better also because they are safe, bad that it goes – admitted and granted that the 3D Secure Code security protocol is not activated – in case of data theft you risk losing only and exclusively the money loaded on it.

But even this possibility is averted by activating the OTP security protocol, which, involves sending an SMS containing a One Time Password, this excludes any possibility of concluding a payment if the same code is not entered to confirm the transaction.

How do I request a prepaid card ? Prepaid cards can be requested either by going physically to bank branches, post offices and lottery points, or online by filling in the appropriate spaces on the provider’s website. Enter the required data, after a few days the card arrives directly at your home, you just have to top it up and use it.

For more information on prepaid cards, I recommend you read the many guides available on this site. You will find lots of useful information and tips to choose the best prepaid card for you.

Best credit cards without paychecks

Best credit cards without paychecks

If you want, I simplify everything, look at the table below, you have the 5 best credit cards without a paycheck available. These cover all needs, surely there is also the one that has everything you need. Db Contocarta for example, is an excellent solution as it has the IBAN, it is at zero cost for the release and zero costs for all types of top-ups, in addition you can withdraw $ 500 per day and up to a maximum of $ 5,000 per month.

Difference between credit card and prepaid card

Difference between credit card and prepaid card

Basically the only concrete difference is that the credit card can have a credit thanks to which you can spend the credit limit assigned when the account has no funds.

For the rest, the offer of prepaid cards is so wide that some have nothing to envy to the classic credit card.

You can even have prepaid with IBAN, on which you can activate the domiciliation of bills, make transfers, withdraw cash wherever you are in the world.

Many of these cards are also equipped with the “contactless” function which allows you to pay small amounts simply by placing the payment card on the pos.

In short, everything you can do with a classic card can be done with a prepaid as long as it has the IBAN code. What more do you want!


As you have seen, the possibilities of having your credit card without a paycheck. There is no shortage of solutions, you just have to decide which one to adopt and act accordingly by choosing the one that best meets your needs.

Finally, keep in mind that if you can have a “balance” card, at that point you can also evaluate a revolving card – here is a guide – so as to have liquidity to be returned then by paying monthly installments. In this case, however, I warn you that the management costs and the interest on the money borrowed are very very high, so be careful, choose your card very carefully.